Google Send Invitations for Made by Google Hardware Event

Google Send Invitations for Made by Google Hardware Event

Google has sent out invitations for the latest “Made by Google” hardware event. On October 15, the company will formally launch the Pixel 4 and doubtless a slew of different hardware. The Livestream is now registered on YouTube, with a launch time of 10 am ET.

Along with leaks from the usual suspects and Google’s public announcement of device features, any appearance of secrecy was killed in the last week when several Vietnamese YouTubers received the hold of a Pixel 4 prototype and began posting full video surveys.

Key features of the Pixel 4 offer a 90Hz OLED display (similar to the OnePlus 7 Pro), two rear cameras on the phone and a time-of-flight sensor, and a thick top bezel packed with sensors for features like face recognition (apparently the only supported form of biometrics) and air gestures. Air gestures which require you to wave your hand above the phone display to regulate it have been tried on phones earlier than, usually with poor results. For Pixel 4 although, Google is using a “Soli” radar sensor that is developed in house, which can hopefully make the feature more useful. As standard, people are expecting two phones; this year comes with 5.7-inch and 6.3-inch OLED displays. The specs are a bit backward the competition, with the Snapdragon 855 as an option of the faster Snapdragon 855+ processor, only 6GB of RAM as a replacement of the 8GB of RAM you get from different phones in this price range and batteries that seem on the small aspect.

Google’s Pixel phones have all the time been about the software, although. With this launch, you will get Android 10 and probably the “Next-gen” Google Assistant that was announced Google I/O 2019 as to include to new Pixel phones. There is also the Pixel’s top-shelf camera setup, which this year carries a focus on astrophotography.

Alongside the yearly smartphone launch, Google can be within the habit of launching a plethora of different hardware. The expectations are a second-generation Google Home Mini with better sound and a headphone jack, also maybe even a Google Pixel book 2, named as “Atlas,” which popped up at the FCC in July. With Wi-Fi 6 ready for devices, it is also time for the latest Google Wi-Fi, and various Chromium promises to have been hinting at a next-gen version of Google’s mesh router. With Google’s track record for leaks, most likely to hear even more about these devices within the time between now and the launch event.

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