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In Massachusetts 4th Death Due to EEE

In Massachusetts 4th Death Due to EEE

A rare mosquito-borne virus that is so potent in this year has taken the tenth life, according to News reports. Massachusetts health officials said the state’s fourth loss of life from Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE virus) on Wednesday. The recent death also triggered new “high risk” warnings in Massachusetts communities Spencer, Southbridge, Leicester, Dudley, Charlton, and Auburn bringing that total to 46, along with 122 communities at average threat and 35 at high risk. Different fatalities have occurred in Rhode Island, Michigan, and Connecticut.

┬áThe state which has tried to assist with by spraying for mosquitoes recommends people take standard anti-mosquito cares or precautions like covering the body with long pants and long sleeves, utilizing bug spray and staying inside as much as possible within an hour before sunset and the subsequent day’s sunrise. Unfortunately, an EEE vaccine developed by the US military within the 1980s is unavailable until obtained by researchers for a clinical trial run, according to reports. The military developed it for service members, however, was advised by the FDA to cease providing it to researchers who have been analyzing the virus. One woman died in six days after a mosquito bite.

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