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What is contextual advertising?

Contextual ads and google ppc services are a kind of online advertisement, which comprises a headline, text ad and a series of hyperlinks to landing pages and is shown in output of the search engine, when it is in response to specific query from the user. This kind of advertisement works for two kinds of demand : one that is formed (what you are searching for, which means that there is a good chance they’d like to purchase) or unformed (potentially would like to purchase however, not right now).

Contextual advantages in advertising

The primary benefit of contextual ads is that it is only seen by people who might be interested in purchasing the product or an item. Another benefit of this kind of advertisement is that it appears the results of a search is above organic results.

What is the reason this type of advertisement so popular with business owners and marketers? Context has these goals:

To increase sales

Contextual marketing is an effective option to attract new customers as soon as you finish the ad has been run.

Promoting an advertisement campaign

If you’re running an advertisement, using contextual advertising will ensure that the highest amount of people are aware of the campaign.

Traffic is increasing

Through contextual advertising More users with a specific interest will be able to visit your website.

Promoting a new service or product or launching a brand new product to the market

If you are launching unveiled a brand new product, using contextual advertising to promote your product is an appropriate option.

Recognition of the name

Contextual advertising helps the brand become easily identifiable. We also suggest advertising relevant reviews and articles. This helps to establish your expertise in your field and build customer loyalty to your brand.

What is contextual marketing?

The term “topical contextual advertising” refers to. In this scenario the advertisement isn’t displayed in results of the search engine however, it is displayed on specific websites which are part of the Affiliate Network of a particular search engine. In this scenario the ad may appear sometime after you’ve made a search for a specific query. In this case, for instance, you are searching for a item or service on the Internet and are looking through various websites. One week later, as you’ve probably forgot about it, you log onto one of the news sites and find ads for the product you wanted one week back.

The search engines each have an affiliate network of its own. It is comprised of only the top frequented sites, and all are tested for quality.

Technologies for contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is comprised of a variety of technologies on which ads are displayed:

Context-targeting is a technique that lets the contextual system automatically analyse the content of web pages and display ads that have the highest content relevant to the page.

Behavioral technology: With the help of these technologies search engines can make use of the history of searches for each user.

Remarketing is a method to display ads to customers who have visited the website, visited products’ pages, or added items to the “cart”.

Contextual marketing is a great way to attract new customers as well as keeping customers who are already there. If you spend an hour or two and properly putting up your advertisement, you’ll start receiving orders in the following few hours. It is crucial to remember that inquiries from contextual ads need to be processed. And if your business doesn’t have the resources to handle leads, don’t try to try to track down the amount.