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How to Get Ready for Summer: 10 Health Tips for Young Couples

Losing weight, or rather eating right together is more pleasant. Common interests bring together. The main thing is not to impose anything on the partner and choose a diet focusing on the needs of a particular person, and not on the expectations of others. In fact, the secret to the success of the relationship is the same – put aside all misconceptions and act as your heart tells you to.

You can eat chicken breast, and your partner, in case they can not stand it, consume veal or rabbit meat. Losing weight goes peacefully, while you are on the same vibe and support each other instead of strict control. Start making each other breakfast in bed. And combine dates with lunch, if you work nearby, or with dinner. Getting ready for the summer in the union is not hard. When you meet your soulmate, nothing seems impossible!

  • To get started, we suggest that you include certain prohibitions and rules in the family weight loss pact:

-The list of prohibited and permitted products – it is better to immediately make all purchases for a week, keeping each other from the temptation.

-Joint morning jogging – running together is much more fun and productive, or you can replace jogging with your favorite sport.

-Strict adherence to a meal schedule – during this time you will be able to share new sensations and share experiences.

-Competitions – mark the results in the graphs, let the winner receive, for example, one forbidden product or favorite treat.

-Punishment system – in case any of you violate the rules, they can do extra exercises to do the house chores next time. And if doing extra burpees will only benefit the offender, then cleaning the whole house sounds less attractive.

-Finally, remind each other that sex is a well-known and best way to lose weight!

Now let’s talk about 10 healthy tips from Hollywood trainers and psychologists all over the world that will be extremely useful in the pre-summer period of coming into shape!

  • Get used to the light feeling of hunger
  • If you have a layer of fat covering your abs, no exercise in the world will make them visible, you just need to move more and eat right. Sugar, alcohol, carbohydrates, dairy and processed products (cereal mixtures, granola) should be excluded from the diet. Drink 2-3 liters of water per day, be sure to have breakfast (for example, eggs as a main dish and berries for dessert), lunch and dinner, do not skip meals. Eat the protein and water-rich vegetables – cucumbers, peppers, radishes, celery, zucchini, asparagus.

  • Walk and lose weight
  • If we talk about what kind of activity is especially good for staying in shape, then nothing can compare with walking. Buy fitness trackers or install the application on your smartphone and set a goal: 14-15 thousand steps per day. People walk a little, mainly because of the heat. This is the main cause of obesity. If in your country the situation is not much better: for several months of the year the weather does not favor walking and it is either cold, icy, rainy and windy, there are other ways to walk more. If you move from the moment you wake up to bedtime, you can succeed. Add to this the energy-intensive workouts with elements of gymnastics and power workouts with a barbell. And then the result will not make you wait for long.

  • Activity and activity again
  • Some coaches strongly believe in the benefit of running: warming up – one and a half kilometers, then actually running – five kilometers with accelerations. You can try active games like basketball, or football together, tennis is also suitable, the main thing is to do your best so that you sweat and actually feel the burnt calories. Park the car a little further from the usual place, use the stairs instead of the elevator, and when going to a cafe to meet a friend, do not catch a taxi, but take a friend and go to the cafe on foot. Another useful trick is to do, for example, stretching while your favorite series is on.

  • Old school exercises
  • Leg raises, reverse twists, trunk raises – no one can argue their effectiveness. The main secret is to increase the number of repetitions by 5-10 each time. If muscles need to be strengthened, here are simple exercises: the tried and true plank or “superman” (when lying on your stomach, you need to raise and lower arms and legs). Everyone knows the plank, but push-ups are nothing more than a plank in motion. Therefore, it is better to start the exercise with it: then the muscles of the abdomen and buttocks contract well, and stabilizer muscles are waking up too.

  • Sleep is important
  • There are special tricks that allow you to quickly get back into shape. One of them is to fall asleep no later than 22:00. The time you fall asleep is much more important than the duration of sleep. In addition, the later you go to bed, the more hungry you will be the next day, which means it will be more difficult to control your appetite. In other words, the later you lay down, the more you eat.

  • Support each other
  • The only trick that will help to quickly get back into shape is perseverance. Not a hundred pushups will lead you to your desired shape unless they are done regularly and you feel inspired. All that is required is to set aside a special time for training and to strictly follow the plan. So you can lose weight and, what is more important, stay in good shape later on.

  • Water
  • Water is the foundation of life. Without water, a person cannot live more than a week because that would result in dehydration and death. It is pure water that is needed in order to normally support all processes in the body: so that the blood stays liquid and there is no high pressure, so that the joints, internal organs, and the brain work well. Be sure to drink 1-2 glasses of water on an empty stomach, this will start the digestion process. And also throughout the day, try to evenly drink your norm of water. So the body does only detoxify but also burns excess fat.

  • Fractional nutrition
  • Many people eat 2-3 times a day and therefore very often overeat. It is fractional nutrition during the day that will allow you not to overeat, and maintain the level of sugar in the blood at a certain level, avoiding the feeling of hunger. Often it is wild hunger (for example, when you arrive home in the evening) that causes a person to pounce on food and eat more than the body needs. Therefore, break down your diet into 4-5 meals and eat small meals every 2.5-3 hours.

  • More protein
  • Every time you eat, your body is about to burn calories during digestion.

    When digesting protein, the largest number of calories is consumed, approximately 20-30%, while for carbohydrates the number is approximately 10% and for fats – 2-3%. This means that if you eat 100 calories from any of these foods, you will only actually receive a total of approximately 75 calories from protein, 90 calories from carbohydrates and 97 calories from fat.

    When reducing calorie intake is the main goal, it will be a wise decision to try to get more calories from protein. Obviously, you do not need to take this to extremes and eat protein, since it is neither smart nor useful, but it will be correct to slightly increase the percentage of protein in your daily diet compared to the current one.

  • Treat yourself
  • You may be tempted to eat something “forbidden” when you are on a diet. You could rather easily avoid this temptation for a week or two, but the longer it lasts, the harder and harder it is for most people to resist it. This can cause contradictions within you (one part of you – the mind, will say no, but the soul will demand a holiday). Of course, you and your partner should stop buying each other sweets for presents or snacking while watching films – but if you celebrate a holiday, for example, an anniversary, to cheat meal is reasonable and quite normal.